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Next Meeting: Thursday 5th November 2015

Guest Speaker(s) to be announced.  Watch this space

Previous Meeting: Thursday 1st October 2015

John Clark, who recently completed his 1,000th fixture as a UCL Assistant, gave some insight into where he has come from up until the present day.   With some humorous anecdotes to tell the members. John was then presented with a token of appreciation from the Chairman.

After the interval Chris Knowles, Matt Paul and Tom Beeton gave an presentation on their recent summer visit to Lisbon, where they officiated at the International football tournament :

The Iber Cup, in a Refereeing or coaching capacity.  Reciting their memories with the use of videos and photos, it gave the members in attendance an insight as to what happened during their stay and how each referee can develop their skills with international teams and referees.

Previous Meeting: Thursday 3rd September

First we held outdoor practical session led by James Campbell and Luke Scott.  I a fun and informative session, we concentrated on assistant refereeing and in particular judging ‘tight’ offsides.  We then reviewed the video footage of our decisions back Wootton WMC, and discussed the techniques that can be used to help us make more accurate and more credible decisions, with the help of Premier League Assistant Peter Kirkup.

Special thanks to James, Luke and Peter, and also Wayne Chalmers (Film Crew), Chris Knowles (Official Photographer – see below), Rob Page (Man-Mountain Centre Back); Rob Evans (The thinking man’s Messi).

RA Sept 2015-0744 RA Sept 2015-0745 RA Sept 2015-0746 RA Sept 2015-0747 RA Sept 2015-0748 RA Sept 2015-0749 RA Sept 2015-0750 RA Sept 2015-0751 RA Sept 2015-0752 RA Sept 2015-0753 RA Sept 2015-0754 RA Sept 2015-0755 RA Sept 2015-0756 RA Sept 2015-0757 RA Sept 2015-0758 RA Sept 2015-0759 RA Sept 2015-0760 RA Sept 2015-0761


Previous Meeting: Thursday 4th June

Prior to our AGM, 60+ referees from around the county welcomed FIFA List referee Michael Oliver.

Michael delivered a excellent presentation focussing on setting and reaching your targets.

Easter 2015-0361

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Thursday 7th May at Wootton WMC

An end of season ‘Social’ was enjoyed by all, with FIFA Assistant Referee Stuart Burt facilitating an excellent presentation and discussion on ‘getting it right’ with effective positioning and communication. .

Previous meeting: Thursday 2nd April at Wootton WMC
Our Guest Speakers were management team of Northampton Town FC, Chris Wilder and Alan Knill
2015_01_08 - RA meeting0001 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0003

The management team of Northampton Town FC talked about their playing and managerial careers so far, including all the highs and lows and plans and hopes for the future of the Cobblers.  This was followed by a frank and open Q&A session, and our guests were honest and candid with their answers.  All members seemed to enjoy the session very much

2015_01_08 - RA meeting0004 2015_01_08 - RA meeting00052015_01_08 - RA meeting0002

After that Rob Page facilitated an educational session on applying the advantage law.  Many factor are to be taken into consideration when applying advantage and members were encouraged to offer opinions on clips where advantage was applied and whether we thought the referee was right to play the advantage or not
Previous meeting: Thursday 5th March at Wootton WMC
Our Guest Speaker was ex-Premier League assistant, current A&H International MD and ‘Renegade Ref’ Jeff Pettit
The main ‘event’ was the interactive session where we talked about our ‘worst mistakes’ while refereeing.  whilst many stories helped us all realise that ‘we are not alone’ in making mistakes before, during and sometimes after games, by far the most entertaining stories were the referee who took his wife to a game (and she ended up berating players on his behalf!);  and the referee who regretted having a curry the night before the game (the rather graphic details of which are not suitable for a family website!!)
RA-JeffPetit-9556 RA-JeffPetit-9557 RA-JeffPetit-9558 RA-JeffPetit-9559 RA-JeffPetit-9561 RA-JeffPetit-9562 RA-JeffPetit-9563 RA-JeffPetit-9564 RA-JeffPetit-9565 RA-JeffPetit-9566 RA-JeffPetit-9567 RA-JeffPetit-9568 RA-JeffPetit-9569 RA-JeffPetit-9570
Previous meeting: Thursday 5th February at Wootton WMC

Phil Joslin gave an excellent presentation based on his career within his life of football. He discussed the highs and lows of his career but identified that it is indeed the lows that allow us as match officials to improve on our performances. He offered three video clips that provoked much discussion. The advice that came from watching the different clips was that it is important to remain calm in situations; take your time and don’t rush into situations; and to ensure that you try to stand still in mass confrontation situations to ensure as much is seen as possible. This presentation was well received by the members.


Previous Meeting:  Thursday 8th January

A presentation from Northants Combination chairman Mick Owen was titled ‘working together’ and Mick talked about how the league and referees can help each other.
This was followed by a fun, informative and interactive session with our RDO Luke Scott entitled ‘A Game of Opinions.  Pictures below:
2015_01_08 - RA meeting0023 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0001 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0002 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0003 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0004 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0005 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0006 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0007 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0008 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0009 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0010 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0011 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0012 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0013 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0014 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0015 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0016 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0017 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0018 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0019 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0020 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0021 2015_01_08 - RA meeting0022

Previous Meeting:  DECEMBER 2014

December’s get together saw another fantastic and successful Quiz Night.  Rob Page’s comments:

After several years in the Quiz Wilderness, I finally managed to get onto Andy Johnson’s team and into the winners enclosure! Not since my partners in crime, Doc & Snakey, became quiz masters have I really got close to a podium finish. But this time I was in luck, Jonno had arrived with no pre-selected team, so I quickly added my own and Abdul’s names to his starting line up.

 IMG_1583IMG_1546 IMG_1547 IMG_1548PK, fresh from his sett in the Hunsbury countryside and taking a night off from Just-for-Men-ing his hair, made up the four and we had most bases covered.
Jonno with his all round knowledge, PK on golf, Prem football & Northants in general, myself on nothing in particular and Abdul on Liverpool FC, WWE Wrestling & Halal Meat products
John “Stato” Clark was strong as always but severely hampered by Andy Woolmer being in his team.
Burty, looking like a refugee from the Birds Eye Fish Fingers advert, never troubled the scorers. I did think his NFA team were on fire at one point – but it turned out to be the ginger heads of Stuart, Becky Greaves & Luke Scott.

IMG_1549 IMG_1550 IMG_1551 IMG_1552 IMG_1553A Thicket (I think that’s the collective noun) of committee members from the Combination had entered a team and together with the Real Oldies team we had 8 quizzers with a combined age of over 700 (allegedly).
Dynamo had entered a team, led by Martin Grisley and even brought their own comedian!
Jimmy Campbell teamed up with Wing Commander Wetherall & an unusually quiet Alex Murison.

IMG_1576 IMG_1575 IMG_1572 IMG_1571 IMG_1570Vic’s team, of ages between 16 and 116, tried hard but picked up the wooden spoons.
We were run close by Bev’s Boys – Bev Strong being chatted up by Gavlar, Evo Junior & Humpo – all 3 refs in search of an extra piece of chocolate cake next time they ref at Potton.

IMG_1545 IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_15582nd place went to Adko, Brockers, Gazza & Trus, who were missing the talented Mr Kirkup from previous years. Mr Gurney ending the night looking more like Shaun Barry, with his inked arms. Closer inspection revealed that he’d been writing the answers to the ‘memory round’ on his skin, in an effort to scam his way to a winners medal.

IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1561 IMG_1562 IMG_1563 IMG_1564 IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1567 IMG_1568But standing victorious and stepping up to collect their winners prizes were; the boys from ISIS (Insufficient Strength, Insufficient Stamina) 2nd XI

IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1572 IMG_1575 IMG_1576 IMG_1578 IMG_1579 IMG_1580PK & Jonno took it in their stride as Abdul & I looked at each other – and thanked our lucky stars we’d blagged our way into a decent team.
IMG_1581 IMG_1582 IMG_1584 IMG_1585 IMG_1586 IMG_1587 IMG_1588 IMG_1590 IMG_1591 IMG_1592
Thanks to Wootton WMC for a great venue. And special thanks to Doc & Snakey for yet another superb quiz. I don’t expect to be winning next year – as I’m sure Jonno saw through my façade of faked intelligence and noticed the lost village idiot behind it.



Previous Meeting:  NOVEMBER 2014

An excellent presentation from Chris Knowles  of video clips regarding effective communication between the refereeing team. The room was split into groups, who each discussed their thoughts on the video clips demonstrating the effectiveness of good communication.

This was followed by a frank and enlightening  Q&A session with Peter Willey. e Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and England Cricketer and ex cricket umpire


Previous Meeting:  OCTOBER 2014

After a fun Quiz presented by Rob Page, Referee and FA Tutor Mary Harmer presented an interactive session on Body Language.  Lots of great points to pick up on and help with match control and man-management

Mary Harmer

Previous Meeting:  SEPTEMBER

NRA Practical Session Thursday 4th September

As ever, we kicked off  the season with a practical session at Wootton Hall HQ.
We had three different sessions running concurrently and followed up in the meeting room afterwards.
Session 1 : Offsides – can you beat the offside trap? Can you spot the offside attacker? We’ll be filming offside scenarios and checking the results afterwards! This is always a lot of fun and great for development. David Avent and myself will be running this session.
Session 2: Assisting the Referee – FIFA Official Peter Kirkup will be talking through scenarios and discussing when and where to get involved.
Session 3: Managing set-pieces – New RDO and licensed FA tutor Luke Scott will be looking at a range of set pieces and how they can be managed. Again this will be filmed for feedback afterwards.
We hope that you can all make it to these sessions. We are really lucky to be able to utilise the experience within the Association. Bring your boots, bring your own experience and bring your enthusiasm for what promises to be a fun and informative evening!

Previous Meeting:  Thursday 1st MAY 2014

Our Guest Speaker for May’s meeting was select list referee KEVIN FRIEND.

Kevin delivered an excellent, inspirational and entertaining presentation on motivation and setting targets and goals.


RA-01-05-2014-7057RA-01-05-2014-7054RA-01-05-2014-7053RA-01-05-2014-7049RA-01-05-2014-7061RA-01-05-2014-7069RA-01-05-2014-7052 RA-01-05-2014-7046RA-01-05-2014-7048RA-01-05-2014-7047RA-01-05-2014-7055 RA-01-05-2014-7056RA-01-05-2014-7062 RA-01-05-2014-7059 RA-01-05-2014-7065 RA-01-05-2014-7067


Previous Meeting:  Thursday 3rd APRIL 2014

An outstanding evenings entertainment hosted by the brilliant ROB WINDLE!  The  presentation was entitled ‘DEAL OR NO DEAL.’  

Dave Avent was the ‘contestant’ and everyone was involved having to take on a task as we opened our ‘boxes’.  It was certainly very entertaining, highly informative and judging by comments heard and received after the session was incredibly well received by all members who attended.

WATCH THIS SPACE as we will make the big announcement of who will be next months speaker right here on this page!


Previous Meeting:  Thursday 6th MARCH 2014 – 7:30pm

After a training session on report writing (please see our latest Newsletter  for more) we were treated to an excellent and informative presentation on Futsal refereeing from top FIFA Futsal referee Marc Birkett.    Marc spoke about his journey from the football field and his transferring to FUTSAL. He also led a discussion about the differences between futsal and 11-a-side football.  A very enjoyable session.

Previous Meeting:  Thursday 6th FEBRUARY 2014

JohnBrooksAfter a talk about discipline and appeal procedures from Jim Wilkinson, we were treated to an excellent presentation from Premier League assistant John Brooks.

John is in his second season in the premier league at just 23 years of age.  He gave us a summary of some of the top games he has officiated on.  This was followed by a presentation about the importance of teamwork.

Some of the younger referees of the 40+ who attended will have been inspired by John’s acheivements so far, and all enjoyed another excellent evening.





Previous Meeting:  Thursday 9th JANUARY 2014

Congratulations to team “Ask Abdul” – Abdul Kadir, Simon Adkins, Darren Brockwell and Louise Kinnear on becoming the coveted NRA 2014 Quiz Champions!

A big thank you to Doc and Snakey for presenting 11 gruelling rounds of (sometimes quite difficult) questions, and to Christne Major for a fantastic Buffet.


Champions (not including the photo-bomber in the background!!)

Runners Up

Runners Up

"Winners" of the wooden spoon!

“Winners” of the wooden spoon!
"Winners" of the wooden spoon!

“Winners” of the wooden spoon!

NRA Quiz 2014-4 NRA Quiz 2014-5  NRA Quiz 2014-9 NRA Quiz 2014-10 NRA Quiz 2014-11 NRA Quiz 2014-12

Buffet break

Buffet break

Buffet was enjoyed by all

Buffet was enjoyed by all

Decide your own captions!

Decide your own captions!

Decide your own captions!

Decide your own captions!

NRA Quiz 2014-20

Our illustrious quiz-masters

Our illustrious quiz-masters

Third Place

Third Place

NRA Quiz 2014-27

High fives for the winners

High fives for the winners

Hard at work

Hard at work

NRA Quiz 2014-14

Northampton Referees’ Association

Previous Meeting:  Thursday 5th DECEMBER 2013

National List Assistant Referee Peter Kirkup gave an interesting and informative presentation on ‘Simulation’ and offered advice with examples of how to spot simulation.

Followed by Northampton RDO Peter Nicholson Theme:  “Ref….You having a laugh?”

Peter presented a DVD that is used to help clubs gain a better understanding of the referee’s role and the laws of the game.  It highlighted several laws that are commonly misunderstood by players, coaches and spectators.


November 2013:

We talked about hand ball offences with Dave Avent, viewed video clips and all gave our (rather varied) opinions on whether a hand ball offence was comitted or not, and then whether it should have resulted in a caution or sending off (e.g. in the case of DOGSO).  Everyone enjoyed the session and hopefully many, if not all, got some great advice and tips from it.
Blind football referee
Our guest speaker was the excellent Perry Gascgoine, referee for blind football.  He talked about all the varying aspects of refereeing blind football and of his fantastic experiences refereeing at the 2012 Paralympics.


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